Bush Hall Music is an independent music and events venue in West London...

Bush Hall is a venue that hosts everything from musicians, comedy and cabaret shows, to wedding receptions, conferences and film shoots. With in-house catering and a fully stocked and staffed bar, Bush Hall can cater for all events needs. In addition, they work closely with suppliers to deliver bespoke events.

Their Pledge:

To be carbon neutral by 2022 and reach net zero by 2030.

The event industry has the opportunity and responsibility to play a game-changing role in reducing carbon emissions.

The UK events industry emits 1.2bn kg of CO2e every year, using an estimated 380m litres of diesel, costing around £230m. That diesel use contributes to 1.2bn kilograms of CO2e emissions annually (nearly 1.5% of total UK diesel use) – approximately the same as the country of Malta. 

Report Findings commissioned by Hope Solutions and ZAP Concepts, using data from A Greener Festival, Julie’s Bicycle, Powerful Thinking and ZAP.

Quick and easy actions to reduce event carbon footprint include choosing vegetarian meals, implementing ISO 20121, or simply sourcing items locally. 

Bush Hall’s Zero Journey

Bush Hall Music selected Julie’s Bicycles as their consultant. Their net zero strategy is ongoing but Bush Hall have started to focus on these key ares.

Supply Chain

Bush Hall will look to source products from manufacturers locally in the UK and developed strong relationships with a small number of suppliers. They will work collaboratively with these businesses to help them understand and reduce their carbon footprint, with a focus on creating green initiatives that help the wider UK business community reduce their environmental impact. Bush Hall have worked with their suppliers to replace their bottled beer with reusable cups and kegs, eliminating most of their waste footprint. 


Bush Hall will:

Switch to LED lighting across their events space.

Switch to 100% renewable electricity.

Investigate the installation of Solar Panels across their 200m2 roof space.

Investiagte installing water saving eco-flushes in their toilets.