Would you like to have a chat with a specialist about your business carbon footprint or ask some advice about how you can reduce your business energy bills?

Carbon equals costs

Manage rising utility bills by understanding your energy footprint

Climax Community are the official tech partner for Better Futures+. Their online carbon management tool, Climate Essentials, makes climate action easy. It provides a dynamic carbon footprint analysis by sector, scope and business activity.

Once your baseline is measured you can easily plan and track how to reduce your emissions. The tool provides a comprehensive reduction strategy whilst also generating reports that can be shared with third parties (funders, customers, local authorities etc). 

Book in for a 1to1 session with a carbon specialist to help measure your business carbon emissions in a few easy steps and create a concrete reduction plan.

The Better Futures+ programme is funded by the Mayor of London’s Green New Deal fund to support London’s journey to Net Zero