Stem and Glory is a food business which is completely vegan and uses recycled/biodegradable packaging. They have two restaurants located in London and Cambridge, and an online store that delivers restaurant standard meals and more across the UK.

Their Pledge:

To be carbon negative by 2022.

The Industry’s Impact Opportunity – Environmental, Ethical and Financial

Over a third of all food produced globally goes to waste and contributes 8-10% of man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. If food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third largest emitter after China and the USA.

In the UK, 1.85 million tonnes of food is wasted during processing alone, usually due to strict cosmetic requirements from customers, e.g. it looks ‘odd’. (WRAP)

Conventional farming that uses synthetic fertilizers and pesticides can reduce soil fertility, release toxic chemicals and emit gasses like nitrous oxide – a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 39 million hectares of soil are degraded each year globally – an area the size of Zimbabwe. (CEMF)

Conventional farming methods use up approximately 70% of all global freshwater.  (AQUASTAT)

Stem & Glory’s Net Zero Journey

The Sustainable Restaurant Association and Think! Hospitality were selected to help Stem & Glory create their net-zero plan.

Their Net Zero strategy includes five key areas:


The biggest source of emissions comes from Stem & Glory’s new restaurant fit outs.  

Stem & Glory will work closely with their interior designer and contractors to source low-carbon materials such as recycled tiles and mycelium lamp shades. 

To reduce food procurement emissions, Stem & Glory will analyse their supply chain for ingredients that can be sourced closer to home. The SRA has recommended a range of local suppliers to source from.

Stem & Glory will:

Commit to ensuring all produce is as locally sourced as possible. 

Conduct regular audits and training to ensure best practice is in place and being followed. 

Waste and Recycling

Stem & Glory use a waste management firm with a no waste to landfill commitment and Stem & Glory’s recycling rate is approximately 15% above the UK average. 

Stem & Glory will:

Stop the use of disposable coffee cups and set up a reusable lunch box scheme.

Conduct staff training to ensure waste is being effectively sorted.

  • Conduct waste audits to see how waste streams can be optimised, working to cut down on the source of waste and increase the recycling rate.
  • Require commitments from suppliers to reduce packaging.
  • Segregate food waste in all kitchen and canteen areas to maximise recycling.
  • Build a roadmap towards eliminating single use items and work with suppliers to create novel ways to keep product quality while reducing waste.


Stem & Glory will:

Enocurage employees to walk and cycle to work by offering incentives for ‘green commuting’.

Invest in electric vehicles to travel between their Cambridge and London sites.




Although Stem & Glory employ a gold standard for energy efficiency with 100% renewable energy and no gas used in their kitchens, they will continue to engage with their employees to encourage energy efficiency practices.


Most Stem & Glory products are made from recycled and biodegradable materials, but they will collaborate with several partners on coffee cup and lunch box swap schemes, which they expect to grow rapidly in the coming months and years.


Stem & Glory will include carbon labelling on their menus , via their partnership with FoodSteps, which will allow customers to offset the emissions of their meal via a small levy which will go directly towards offset projects supported by the brand .

"The process of completing the Better Futures+ programme has been extremely enlightening on many levels, and we have been bowled over by the support and encouragement we have received from starting the conversation with our customers, suppliers and partners about reducing our joint carbon emissions. We are very much looking forward to a better and more sustainable future”
Lou Palmer-Masterson
CEO & Founder