Swiss Pack is a global food packaging manufacturer...

Swiss Pack Europe is a global packaging manufacturer with operations in all continents and production capabilities based in Asia. For over two decades, they have provided packaging for food, beverages, medical and pharmaceutical products and many more market sectors. They have supplied trusted brands like Harrods, Everlast, Hozelock, Hotel Chocolate & 1000s more.

Their Pledge:

To reduce 50% of their baseline carbon emissions by 2025 and reach net zero by 2030.

A huge impact opportunity – can the UK lead the way?

Provisional government figures for 2020 show that 67.2% of UK packaging waste was either recycled or recovered, the same as in 2019.

Packaging directly contributes to two of the major environmental issues: the quantity of single-use plastics and the amount of waste in landfill.

Over two thirds (67%) of plastic waste in the UK comes from packaging and this can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade. Around five million tonnes of plastic is sent to UK landfill sites each year, and two thirds (67%) of this is packaging. Landfill pollutes the air and can be extremely detrimental to local ecosystems.

Swiss Pack’s Net Zero Journey

Swiss Pack selected Giraffe Innovation to conduct a LifeCycle Analysis on their packaging to measure the specific carbon footprint associated with materials and manufacturing processes and Swiss Pack’s contribution to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 3).

This analysis will be used as a baseline to inform future design decisions including material selection, format and benefits of material lifetime extension through reuse.

Their Net Zero strategy includes three key areas:

Customer Engagement

Swisspack will update customers with the data on their packs’ carbon emissions as per the calculated Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and what they are doing to mitigate this.

Swisspack has published an eco-guide on their website.

They also plan to hold sustainable packaging webinars to share insights with other businesses about what they’ve learnt from their product LCA and how materials can be used more efficiently.

Premises / The Office

Swisspack will begin to implement a cycle-to-work scheme and explore rainwater harvesting solutions for their day-to-day operations.

Waste and Recycling

Swiss Pack will implement office recycling procedures.

They will manage their disposal system to encourage responsible waste disposal.

Swiss Pack is already in negotiations with Endole to provide a waste collection point for their products.

Swiss Pack will continue to work towards an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy approach. This policy will provide an incentive to make better, more sustainable decisions at the product design stage including decisions that make it easier for products to be re-used or recycled at their end of life.

Supply Chain

Swisspack will work with their customers and suppliers to increase the amount of recycling in their product ranges. 

They will also release a fully recyclable flexible packaging range.

“The Better Futures+ programme really showed us the importance of going net zero. It sparked conversations in our organisation and prompted us to reach out to our supply chain. We found the Climate Essentials tool insightful and very easy to input data, which saved a lot of time. Giraffe Innovation also helped us understand the carbon impacts of solid and flexible packaging and the difference between the two.”
Rupin Rhugani
Product Development Manager