Additive Flow

Additive Flow’s technologies empower users to take additive manufacturing further than it has ever gone before for applications across many industrial sectors.


A Bloomberg terminal for the energy transition publishing the first daily hydrogen cost assessment in the UK for all colours of hydrogen


Eco-friendly, reusable smart bags used in conjunction with an online shopping platform which empowers buyers to promote, pick and purchase from brands who are kind to people and the planet.

Brill Power

Battery management and control technology to increase the lifetime and reliability of lithium-ion battery packs for stationary energy storage and electric vehicles.


Tech-enabled reusable lunchbox scheme to reduce single-use packaging waste from the food-to-go industry.

Climate Edge

A digital marketplace for agricultural service providers to make their services accessible to thousands of smallholder farmers.


IoT building control systems to help you calculate your carbon footprint impact, reduce it and offset it.


Dynamic energy management platform adapts temperature control to changing occupancy levels to save energy waste.


Platform that connects customers and installers to retrofit their homes and improve energy efficiency in buildings .


Software designed to analyse the efficiency of buildings and analyse the cost benefit of home improvements.