Established in 1979 and based in London and Bristol, VMI is a camera rental company specialising in quality digital camera packages, lighting, grip and sound equipment for feature films, dramas, commercials and documentaries. Over the last few years VMI has been involved in the production of more than 100 feature films and in the last year alone, 19 drama series.

Their Pledge:

To cut emissions in half by 2025 and achieve net zero by 2030.

The film industry has a great opportunity to contribute to London’s Net Zero journey:

According to Albert, BAFTA’s industry-backed sustainability project, the production of just one hour’s worth of TV content produces 13 tonnes of CO2.

Around 95% of the material used in a production usually ends up in the rubbish.

In London alone it is calculated that the audiovisual industry generates the same amount of CO2 as a city with 20,000 inhabitants.

VMI’s Net Zero Journey

Roxy Erickson from One Thing, a specialist environmental film consultant, was selected to help VMI create a bespoke net zero plan.

Six key areas emerged:


VMI has:

– switched to a 100% renewable energy provider not reliant on REGOS

– ordered 10.8KW solar PV for their Bristol site

VMI will: 

– ensure their heating and cooling system is automated to minimise “on” times.
– replace all lighting in their Bristol facility with LED lights, reducing light-caused energy consumption by up to 90%.
– fully insulate their Bristol facility by 2022 
– encourage their landlord to build the new London site sustainably to avoid retrofitting the premises later.


VMI will switch 25% of the vehicle fleet in 2022 to Electric Vehicles, saving approximately 9,289 CO² e annually.  They pledge to have an all electric vehicle fleet by 2024.   This would equate to a further reduction of circa 27,865kg of CO² e each year.

VMI will also review their company travel policy to reduce air and road travel by promoting video conferencing and rail travel for all business trips, where possible.


VMI will:
 – provide guidance and opportunities to encourage suppliers to measure and reduce their own emissions.
– switch where possible to local suppliers of goods to reduce transport emissions.
– ensure all company meals are now vegetarian, saving approximately 480 kgs of CO² e each year.
– annually review suppliers against sustainability metrics and actively select low carbon options.


VMI will:
  discuss Climate Change and how to achieve net zero with all employees, so they become advocates in the industry and inspire others to follow.

  measure and offset all employee commutes.

  allow employees an extra day’s holiday to travel by rail instead of air.


Create and support industry-wide and cross-sector climate cooperatives to accelerate decarbonisation.

Become an advocate in the industry by sharing their net zero journey, tracking progress against targets and encouraging others to join them.


VMI has achieved zero rubbish to landfill with 100% of rubbish being recycled or reclaimed, saving approximately 7300 kg of CO² e per year.

“I went into this process ready to commit to net zero because I felt that it simply was the right thing to do, though I had no idea how practical this laudable aim was or how hard it would be to achieve. Having completed the course, I now realise that there is a solid business case for achieving this. My management team and staff are entirely behind me and are solidly in favour of us aiming for net zero. They also realise that becoming more sustainable will help with the bottom line, winning more customers, attracting and retaining staff and actually that a lot of small changes can make a really big impact”.
Barry Bassett
Managing Director